Cairns Speedway - Tom Casey Memorial F500 Classic - 22 October 2016

When October rolls around, it must be time for the F500s to come out to play - the annual Tom Casey Memorial event. This year, we got a look at a new class as well - Junior F500. Pretty much the same as a regular F500, but with a restrictor in the engine to cut the power down. And the drivers are way off qualifying for a drivers licence. 11 and 12 is a bit young off the track! Good to see. Some good racing in all categories, but the best fight of the night was the F500s themselves. The racing was fast and furious, with Kayden Iverson, Ryan Skennar and Billy Foyle battling it out and finishing in that order. Lost a few cars during the main race, when the racing is as close as the F500s are, one car spins and instant mayhem...

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